WAIWAS Hostel Lombok is much more than a Hostel.
It is an inclusive space where active people,
lovers of sport and adventure, meet.

WAIWAS Hostel Lombok is the place to meet people like you in an environment of leisure and friendship. moreover.

Come and enjoy the outdoors, the landscapes of LOMBOK alone with your favorite sports: surf, bike, skate. you also can enjoy its landscapes, beaches, mountains, wildlife, culture, volcanoes, and an infinity of places that you most visit.

The Capsules

At WAIWAS Hostel Lombok we have shared rooms in capsules with premium mattress, blackout privacy curtain, reading light, individual air conditioning, fan, USB plug and luggage lockers.

Designed so you can feel comfortable, each capsule room has space to load electronic devices and a luggage drawer where you can store your belongings.

You will sleep on a 200 x 100 cm mattress of the best quality that includes a pillow, sheet, duvet and towel.

We have 44 Capsules in shared dorms of 20, 16 and 8 people. Perfect for you to meet friends and live in community.

Our Concept

At WAIWAS Hostel Lombok we want to encourage social relationships, therefore, all our accommodation is built around the idea of a group.

Indeed it has several spaces in which to share experiences: bar, lounge, coworking, terrace, gardens yoga place , small gym.


WAIWAS Hostel Lombok and its facilities offer multiple possibilities when organizing group trips. The offer may include: closed diet service, sports activities, weekly or daily excursions.


waiwas hostel

Kuta Lombok – Indonesia

Jl. Baturiti I, Kuta, Pujut, Kabupaten Lombok Tengah, Nusa Tenggara Bar. 83573

+62 813-3928-0040 / info@waiwas.com